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Angled Luffa with Egg Recipe 丝瓜炒蛋

Angled Luffa with Egg A simple healthy meal with fibre and protein. 

The sauce/soup is very clear, light and a little bit of sweetness from the luffa. Luffa is soft to bite and all the essence is concentrated in the soup. It is very suitable to serve in summertime. I love this so much. I can have rice to go with only this. I will have my rice covered with luffa with plenty of sauce. Okay, maybe I can call it soup because I drink the sauce like soup. I heard from my friend, his mom cooks this as soup which means they put more water. Feel safe to drink the sauce as it is not salty like other stir fry vegetable with thicken sauce. That's why I said the sauce texture is more like soup.

I should put another half cup of water, a bit dry. Not enough soup for me!
Story of luffa: My mom told me when she was a kid and my grandparents were very poor,they used dry luffa as a scrubbing sponge in the kitchen to wash the dishes. Interesting right? Luffa is a very fibrous vegetable. People only eat t…

The Marshmallow @ Huey and Wah, Penang 棉花糖专卖店

Huey and Wah, Penang The idea of marshmallow......

Their marshmallow is good, not too sweet for me. Soft, spongy and melting marshmallow on the tongue.
So good to see local made gourmet food in Penang. They sell variety flavours of marshmallow such as vanilla, lemon, rose, chocolate, salted caramel, coffee and passionfruit in 3 different packaging. Other than that, they also sell coffee, tea, jams, biscuits and sweet tooth ~ Their current shop is in Strait Quay Penang since 2011/2012 till end of April 2014 which is today! They are going to relocate to town area in Bellisa Row, Pulau Tikus, hopefully the shop will be ready by May.

As you can see above, they do not display much of their products. It may due to their short shelf life as they claimed they'used the finest ingredient', 'made it from scratch'and most importantly 'no artificial colour, flavouring and preservatives'. Besides their products are not vacuum packed. Thus they only recommend to be best consumed…

Cintan Mee Recipe ( Stir Fry Noodles ) 炒金旦面

Cintan Mee - The Ding Dong Mee

I love Cintan Mee so much, whether it is stir-fried with tomyam or soy sauce. I 'developed' this dish from an old kopitiam in my hometown which used to be famous of Cintan Mee. The shop was owned by an old couple but they closed the shop when I was in Year 5? Oh it was long time ago! Everyone miss their cintan mee. 
Thank god for gifted me such a good tongue and I made it!!! The taste is similar but the method of preparing is differ from the old couple. Also, I skip some ingredients to make it easy and simple. 

My sister loves it because she misses it so much as she was away from home for so many years. I remembered when I was in primary school and she came back from oversea, she will ask me to take away for her and she wanted it dry ( less sauce compare to the wet one). I could see she enjoys this dish so much whenever I cooked.

Sadly I don't have any photo of how was the noodles looked. I really miss it. So why I said my cooking method is diffe…

Egg sandwich 三文治鸡蛋

Egg Sandwich
As I mentioned in the earlier post, I am good in making sandwich which is yummy and pretty look. I used to work part-timely in a kitchen bar for 2 years when I was a student. Sandwich is one of the list in my menu if I owned a stall/restaurant. 
Egg sandwich is very easy to prepare and I love anything with egg. I love to make this during my road trip with friends when I was abroad. Sometimes I make this as a light snack or breakfast meal. Some people prefer the mashed egg/egg spread but I prefer the sliced egg. I usually will boil the egg earlier or the night before and keep them in the fridge because I don't like my boiled egg hot in the sandwich. Also, save the preparation time in the morning.

My egg sandwich is very simple - egg, lettuce and mayo sprinkled with salt and pepper. The one above was added with cheese as requested by Ah Boy. 
Sandwich indeed is very easy to prepare and convenient to eat. You can just make yourself one with any ingredients. Nothing could tas…

The White Bread Culture

A whisper to commercial bread fashion in Malaysia

I feel so good to have wholemeal bread for breakfast after having the sinful white bread for weeks. I don't think the bread is expensive in Malaysia however the variations are quite limited compare to Australia. Nowadays, most of the Malaysian are still preferred white bread than other bread type. One of the main reason is the culture. People in Malaysia are so used to eat white bread. Huge populations of us grown up with white bread. Secondly, the texture of white bread is much more better than wholemeal. Even people debate about the price and flavour between Massimo and Gardenia. Which one cheaper? Which one softer? Which one tastier? The other reason is the price.
My home-made yummy egg sandwich. I am good in making sandwich - tasty and pretty. No joke.
Somehow it is good to see there are at least a few brands of wholemeal bread on the supermarket shelves. Hope to see there will be more variations coming out in a few years time. I…

Lemongrass Chicken in Banana Leaf Recipe 香茅鸡

Lemongrass Chicken in Banana Leaf

I have craved for Vietnamese food for longsince I came back Malaysia. Vietnamese restaurant was one of my favourite list in Melbourne and the signature food is 'Pho', the beef noodles. Oh I love that too especially the one made by my sis. However, broken rice with lemongrass pork was one of my favourite take away dish or if I was feeling for rice.  
I am so excited to hear there are actually a few Vietnamese restaurants opened in Penang island. There are quite a lot of food bloggers write about them too. I shall pay a visit sometimes when I am free. 

Back to the story, I was on the plan of making Vietnamese lemongrass chicken (pork sold out). How would my lemongrass chicken turned out like this? Thanks to aunty Neoh. She said it is not good to eat fried food so often. Well, we are not and I do concern about eating healthy too. Sorry I am not complaining but thank you for the effort you have helped me. Thanks for finding the banana leaves and crea…

Simple Choy Sum Recipe 炒菜心

A simple plate of green
A simple and easy home-cooked dish. It wasn't that bland in taste. A few drops of soy sauce do bring out the sweetness of choy sum. 

Ingredients :  2 large bunchs choy sum, cut into 4cm long  2 cloves garlic, chopped finely  1 tbsp soy sauce Instructions : 1. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan.  2. Stir in garlic until aromatic but not golden brown. 3. Add choy sum.  4. Add in soy sauce. Stir a bit to make sure the vegetables are flavoured well with soy sauce and garlic.  5. Then add 50ml of water. Notes/ Tips :  Soak the choy sum in water for 30 minutes before cooking. For the choy sum, separate the stalk and the leaves. Stir fry the stalk first for approximate 15-20 seconds then followed by the leaves to make sure the stalks are cooked and the leaves won’t be too soft.  You can substitute the soy sauce with table salt but soy sauce give more flavour to the dish.  Healthy Eat : Skip the soy sauce or adjust it to 1/2 tbsp whereas 1/2 tbsp for oil. ( Reduce oil and salt…

Duck Rice @ Ayer Itam, Penang near Kek Lok Si 鸭饭

Ayer Itam Duck Rice 
 ` Teow Chew Style' Braised Duck Rice

I think I am not wrong this is Teow Chew style duck rice. Please do correct me if I am wrong.  A food that is almost forgotten by me. A memorable and cultural food that means a lot to me...
I was so excited to hear there is a braised duck rice around the corner which is well known in Ayer Itam neighbourhood area ( cough* paise I am a new resident in Penang). The smell of the braised duck caught by my nose while I was in the queue, had awaken my memories of the braised duck dish which was not to be missed dish on Chinese New Year, and also remind me of my late-grandparents. I miss you Ah Ma, Ah Kong <3 .
* Boyfie and I were hoping we won't get caught by the parents having supper at 11.30pm. Erkk mission failed because of the intense aroma of duck rice spreading in the house !!!
Sorry about the mess because I had it takeaway. 
The duck rice comes with pork, egg, bean curd and intestine at the price of RM4.50. Unfortunately …

Yen Seafood Restaurant @ Batu Kawan, Penang

SEAFOOD Dinner @ Yen Seafood Restaurant

A hidden seafood restaurant in Batu Kawan surrounded by palm plantation which is located not far from the Penang Second Bridge. It has two dining area: air-conditional indoor and fresh-air outdoor. Plenty of car parks and dining tables. However, it is advisable to book during the weekend.

What's make so many people come here for food??? Because the price is cheap and reasonable??? You can see some alive fishes, crabs and mantis shrimps at the left side of the restaurant.
Steamed fish
I would like to skip the comment about the sauce because nothing special and very light in taste. However, the flesh was indeed very fresh and heaps!!! We struggled to finish the whole fish because it was very huge and this dish came out last. I wonder why it came out last??? This dish should come out in the middle because it is good to go with rice...
Deep Fried Squid (SOTONG)
Uhmm...... I can't taste and feel the squid. Was it t…

Ah Lai White Curry Noodle

Ah Lai White Curry Noodle : Instant Noodle

The broth is more 'white' and fragrant, not as creamy and spicy ( still spicy for me).Heard that more brands are out in the market- a very competitive and trendy food industry- follow the wind.Personally think 'Kuali' Penang white curry noodle got hit down by 'Ah Lai'. By comparison, Kuali tastes much more 'synthetic' whereas Ahlai tastes much closer to the hawker one. 

You will mix up 'Ahlai' with 'Kuali' because both packaging look quite similar. Okay how to recognise it? 'Ahlai's packaging has pictures of Penang ferry, Penang bridge, trishaw and the winner shallots. 

Add some beautiful mints from the garden and some leftover 'yong tau fu'.

What makes Ahlai more special is the chilli paste: shallots in the paste.A simple fragrant ingredient that you can find it added in many Malaysian dishes because of its amazing flavour enhancing property. I wasn't really impressed by Kuali …

Nasi Lemak Sungai Yan, Kedah 椰浆饭

My Hometown Food: Nasi Lemak @ Sungai Yan, Kedah.

One of the best nasi lemak :D The unique of rice flavoured with heaps of spices, topped with the sweet and spicy sambal, and wrapped in a traditional banana leaves to make it tastes so good!!!Everyone plays a main character. Without you, no one is perfect. It is so true that unity makes strength!!

Still taste so good after so many years. It is quite hard to maintain the quality of taste. Proud of you makcik. Dad said it is only RM0.60 each. So cheap right??? I still remember it was only RM0.30 when I was in primary school. A very traditional Malaysian Malay food that loved by everyone and craved by every Malaysian that live oversea and those live in the city. You can only find this price and superior taste in KAMPUNG( village). 

* Sungai Yan is a very small town in a village surrounded by paddy field. However there are a lot of nice places nearby such as waterfall spots, thousands step staircase to Gunung Jerai, fisherman's market and…

Burger @ Strait Quay Penang 汉堡

Chicken Burger @Lau Penang Kopitiam 
@Strait Quay Penang
The shop has closed down since 2015

Very simple burger but surprisingly taste quite nice. The bread toasted well with butter give a great texture and flavour to the burger. The bread is not solid hard nor soggy soft. A bit of crisp outside and soft inside when you bite the bread.

One of the most worth eating food in expensive place- Strait Quay Penang. Why? Cheap and taste nice!!! It is a great place for those with big family and kids because good food with less spending compare to other restaurant. It is also a nice place for those looking for light food to nibble. Price~ RM 13.8??? Only serve till 8pm. 
They do sell sandwiches and roti bakar for under RM10??? Nothing much for the drinks expect that they are really cheap compared to the other shop. I would recommend to go for their food.  I heard Foodsion is going to have a review on this shop next month. At the same time, have a look on the wood crafting art pieces at OHL Gallery n…