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Yum Yum Green Curry Instant Noodle

Green Curry Instant Noodle After attending A Million Little Things in Strait Quay, I had a quick grocery shop at Sam's Grocery and the words 'Green Curry' caught my eyes. I know I shouldn't buy this kind of food but well I like to try new things you know. Honestly speaking for many people that live oversea, instant noodles indeed a drug to cure your craving for home town's food. Thus, not to surprise that there are many different flavours of instant noodles coming out in the market in these few years. 
The front package, flavours oil and seasoning

If you noticed the soup clearly, it was a bit creamy but not green. Yea, I was a bit disappointed with the colour. It is hard for me to describe the flavour as it didn't taste exact like green curry but when I burp, it's green curry. Maybe I should not put high expectation on this kind of food - it is just an instant noodle, isn't it? Similar things when white curry noodles were so popular in the market few year…

Kidoya Ramen @ Tankung Tokong, Penang

Kidoya Ramen @ Tanjung Tokong, PenangClosed on Wednesday

If you are tight in budget and couldn't afford the expensive ramen in other places, have a try before the promotion end.The ramen is so cheap during the promotion period, only RM9.90. I think the promotion is still on since Japanese and Korean restaurant is so competitive around that area. I would say the portion is really worth for the money and it will definitely fill out your tummy. 
I bumped into this restaurant while we had no idea what to eat and were so hungry at 4pm.

Don't expect too much for the taste though since the selling price is much more cheaper than others like Edo Ichi. Personally think that compare to Zanmai Sushi or Sushi King, ramen here is better, in term of taste and money. Truly, it is very hard to find good Ramen in Penang.
 I am pretty fussy with the soup. If the soup meant to be warm, please make it warm!

Can't remember how much we paid for saba fish but it was cheap too, around RM 19 to RM 23…