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Yum Yum Green Curry Instant Noodle

Green Curry Instant Noodle 

After attending A Million Little Things in Strait Quay, I had a quick grocery shop at Sam's Grocery and the words 'Green Curry' caught my eyes. I know I shouldn't buy this kind of food but well I like to try new things you know. Honestly speaking for many people that live oversea, instant noodles indeed a drug to cure your craving for home town's food. Thus, not to surprise that there are many different flavours of instant noodles coming out in the market in these few years. 

The front package, flavours oil and seasoning

If you noticed the soup clearly, it was a bit creamy but not green. Yea, I was a bit disappointed with the colour. It is hard for me to describe the flavour as it didn't taste exact like green curry but when I burp, it's green curry. Maybe I should not put high expectation on this kind of food - it is just an instant noodle, isn't it? Similar things when white curry noodles were so popular in the market few years back, yet the taste still differs from the real one. Overall as I mention earlier, an instant noodle is just an instant cure for food craving. 

I just want to share some of the food information below. It is good to make a habit of reading what's your product made of, especially processed food such as instant noodle. You may be surprised on what you've read.

So, they use a lot of food stabiliser, artificial colouring, artificial flavouring( the very common ingredient in most of the processed food). Not suitable for vegetarian because they put fish sauce and shrimp but it is halal. 

I guess they didn't declare all the ingredients to make the noodles and seasoning, thus they have to stick another white sticker of  ingredient's description in order to export to certain countries that have strict food labelling law. 

Did I never pay attention to read the instant noodle nutrition information? Because it is so confusing to see 2 nutritional information panel side by side of each other. Seriously? I was trained in the university to read yet I think it really confuses people. 

Anyway, the message is - if you eat the whole package of noodles, no matter how little or more water you use to cook the noodles, it costs you 333 kcal and 1883 mg of sodium. Thus, it is true that processed food like instant noodles is usually high in sodium. Processed food is the major food that rise our sodium's intake in our diet where we should not consume more than 2300 mg of sodium per day for an adult. 

Note to share - salt and sodium are different. Salt do contain a certain amount of sodium but again we usually over consume sodium from processed food but not salt. 


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