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The Hainan Legacy : Culinary Roots and Communities @ GeorgetownFestival 2015

The Hainan Legacy: They Came, They Tasted, They Innovated  2015-8-15: At Wanning Association. Thank you Burmah 108 for the special invitation to allow me to join this volunteering event in Georgetown festival culinary roots and communities dinner - 'modern Hainanese meal in an authentic setting'. It has been a great experience for me.
The leftover - Ik Bwais Hainanese traditional chewy filled sweets made from glutinous rice flour steamed in a banana leaves casing. The skin is soft and the sweetness of filling is just right to eat. The inner fillings are crushed peanuts or shredded coconut flesh.Ik Bwa Symbolise fortune, happiness, sweetness and joy.  I am glad to have a chance to try this traditional food! Lucky me. 

Berjaya college junior chef was plating the dish. I wish I could help....

I am not from F&B background but I used to work in F&B part timely when I was a student for 3 years. F&B is always part of my interest and I hope I will be involving in F&B in f…