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Bike in Yan - Day 1

It is end of 2016, I decided to go back hometown to spend time with my parents for 4 days 3 night. This is the longest period I stay at home besides Chinese New Year. 
The most excited thing about going home besides seeing the oldies, I love nature, food and bike! I have a very unique daddy whom likes nature and he is also active in local community. He started to bike since 2009/2010. Thus, bike is a MUST activity back home!
Yan is a beautiful place and I am so proud of this place that has beautiful mountains, waterfalls, paddy fields, fish villages, fresh seafood and more......
Rarely, I will tell my friends about my hometown. Hope you like will Yan after reading this. Welcome to drop me a message here or Facebook, I am happy to talk about it more! 
Let's bike, go!  Depart at 6.50am from home with mom and dad.
7.05am : sunrise behind Gunung Jerai.

7.25am : Fish village in Dulang Kechil. 
Yan is one of the great spots for fishing Ikan Tenggiri (mackerel). Many non-local people came here t…