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D Chef Restaurant @ Lebuh Presgrave, Georgetown, Penang

Birthday Celebration @ D Chef Restaurant
Ah Boy brought me to this resto (Italian style) to celebrate my mid-20th birthday which was recommended by one of his buddy. They will serve you a free appetiser if you made the booking in advance. It is located nearby 1st Avenue shopping mall. It took awhile for the food to be served.

I always think bruschetta is a very simple dish to prepare. However, this one taste a bit flat & no characteristic which the taste is not the same as I usually have. 

Avocado and Prawn Appetiser with Black Tobiko Caviar

Nice presentation and good piece of juicy and pinky pork meat but imperfect without flavour! Since porky and mushroom tasted so dull, balsamic sauce is too tiny drop for big pieces of meats. 

Beer sirloin. Cheesy rice is good but beef has no flavour.

Pudding with chocolate spoon and orange skin.  The most satisfied dish I had for that night, the Pudding. The pudding's texture is good.  If you like something that is not too heavy and sweet,…