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Yam cake @ One Corner CAFE, Jalan Basawah, Georgetown, Penang 芋头糕

P/S : Hi people, I am so busy since I was back to the 'Asian style' of working life. I have many things on hand and wanted to share with everyone, but  I don't have time to post it up here. So my coming post will be just short and sweet.
Yam cake @ One Corner Cafe (near to New World Park)
Happy weekend people but poor me have to work at home today. Ahh, typical working life in Asia. Well at least  'Big Asian breakfast' today with 'Yam cake', 'Chicken porridge' and a glass of  'sugarless barley drink' was good enough to cheer me up.
It's hard to find the cube ofreal 'yam' in the yam cake with lots of topping nowadays because of the hike of price of vegetable especially yam. It is worth for money I think and I am happy to pay for RM3.40.
There are also other good food in this 'kopitiam' such as 'Hokkien Mee' or 'Prawn Mee'. However, it is quite hard to find a table because it is always full house.