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Roti - Wrap - Flatbread Recipe

Roti - The Indian Flatbread

This roti is different from the Malaysia's Roti Canai. Malaysia's roti canai is butterly and oily but this one is dry and similar like a wrap which is so much healthier. You can also save a lot of money to make your own wrap.
I learn to eat this when I stayed in Thornbury, VIC with my housemate from north India. They are a lovely couples and the wife always cook at home. They always offered me to eat with them and that's how I know about this. She will make fresh roti almost everyday for dinner. Every time when I saw her making, I think it was complicated because you need to roll the dough, make into shape and cook one by one. But I really miss her roti and thus I decided to learn to make my own. Another reason that made me want to make this because of the wraps sold in Malaysia are not cheap, around RM5 to RM7 for 'mission' brand. Also, I miss tortilla and quesadilla, kebab - those Mexican and Middle East dishes.

This was my first time mak…

Chicken Rice @ Jalan Burma, Penang 鸡饭

Chicken Rice - The good one and big portion

I found the good chicken rice finally! Braised egg was nice too! So satisfying and so full :D Well, because I am not very fussy on which part of meat, so he gave me heaps of chicken breast meat! However, my colleague said it is too expensive and okay okay only?

Okay how I measure chicken rice? At first, because ever since I came back, I had never tasted any good one. So this one so far has reached my standard. My measurement is quantity and quality. For quantity, many chicken rice I have eaten at others place were so little in chicken meat. I am not a carnivores but isn't it a chicken rice?! Quality means flavour and freshness which is quite subjective especially for flavour. Rice itself is also a flavour kicking for chicken rice. They actually gave plenty of rice, yet the boys next table still requested for extra serve of rice. I am not very fussy on soup or chilli paste that come with chicken rice. The soup is okay for me but the chilli …

The sticky rice - Loh Mai Fan

The Sticky Rice- The Loh Mai Fan with pork Sticky rice does not need plenty of time to soak nor cook. No complication~
I used to do Loh Mai Kai (chicken version) once but it was long time ago. This time I didn't have chicken, so I used the pork instead. Besides, I altered some of the ingredients to make it simple and most importantly it did not take much time to prepare and cook! 

What you see from the photo is a huge portion. I didn't want to waste time, space and energy to put them into a few small bowls. So, I put them into A LARGE BOWL.

As you can see, the rice was still not yet cooked after stir fried it on the pan. Next, put in a bowl and steam it!
(4 serving size ; approximately 370 kcal/ serving)
*1 1/2 to 2 cup of glutinous rice 3 small dried shitake mushroom, soaked in hot water and sliced 2 tbsp dried shrimp, minced 2 cloves garlic, minced A small bowl of meat (pork/chicken), thick sliced (bonded meat is okay) 2 tbsp oil 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup water
(* For the glutinous…