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K Pot - Korean Fusion Cuisine @ Prima Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, Penang韩 国料理

K Pot - Korean Fusion Cuisine in Prima Tanjung, Penang Cosy little Korean Restaurant ~ Closed on Thursday
Whenever a cuisine or a dish move to another country, there must be some modification to suit the local taste. K pot restaurant is one of them. So, many local Penangnite and even neighbourhood Korean love to visit to this restaurant. Other than that, their food quality is consistent and their customer service is good. The husband and wife owners are very lovely and friendly even though they can't speak English well.  

I would say averagely colleagues and me will visit here once every month for lunch. It was firstly introduced by one my colleague which is a Korean fans. After that, most of the people we brought there love their food. 

For Korean, side dish is part of the traditional food where you must know as a women or a chef.  If a women can make good and many side dish, yeah you can marry this women. Not sure whether it is still applied today?  

For those who can't stand t…

Sambal Udang Petai Recipe - Stink Bean with Homemade Prawn Sambal Paste 虾米參巴炒臭豆

Homemade Prawn Sambal Paste & Stink Bean 臭豆不臭
People call it stink bean or 'petai' in Malay because of its strong smell. It lingers in the mouth and body, especially the after taste breathe, even when u gas, pee or poo poo. It is something like durian, you like it or hate it! But I love it! Unlike durian's pungent smell and immediate distinct taste, there is a delayed response when it comes to petai. As you chew, it slowly emits a pungency similar to garlic.
Now is the season for petai, same as durian. Is it all stink food come in the same season? Petai is gathered from the wild or cultivated tree in the jungles. So, call it organic vegetables from the jungle! I heard from my mom that there was a Malay man who always sold 100 of pods off stink bean to my late-grandfathers passed away because of falling down from the 3 storey high stink bean wild tree.  
Mom made too much shrimp paste for 1 cup of petai. You can only see a few petai embedded in the paste. Truly the paste …

Home-grown Basil leaves

Beautiful bunch of basil ‪‬from backyard. I am so lazy to make them for pesto since no one in the house know to eat them. So I tied them up into a bunch of leaves and let them sit in the kitchen to purify the air. 

If you are looking for Basil for your western cooking in pasta, pesto, soup or pizza in Penang, you are welcome to leave a message, pm me in facebook or grow pretty fast, I harvest them every 2 weeks. So it's kinda wasted to throw them away~

I brought the seed in Australia before I came back to Malaysia, hoping they will grow well by luck. They turn up growing well in a hot tropical area surprisingly. It is not nessecary to grow basil from seeds. Don't throw the stem when you bought this from supermarket, you can replant it using the stem and insert it in a pot. Isn't it easy?  

So cute and pretty little art work which is edible to put in your pasta, soup, pizza and sauces for seasoning.
Not flowers but bunch of leaves

Stir Fry Clams Recipe with Fermented Soy Beans - lala 蛤蜊炒豆酱

Lala, one of my favourite mom's home-cook food. I hardly order this when I eat out in a restaurant because I am fussy about the taste and the freshness. Mom's one is the BEST in quality and definitely the freshness.
Whenever I go back to home town, Yan Kecil in Kedah; I always look for seafood to eat especially clam and crabs! I will hunt for them when I cycled around in the fish village. Otherwise I will ask my mom whether she can get it from the fishmonger in the market. 
Initially I was looking for the harder, longer shape's clams but only this small type of clam so called 'lala' was available in the market during the Hari Raya day. It was only sold for RM3/kilo in the marketand more than enough to feed us for lunch and dinner.Seafood is so much cheaper to eat and fresh in home town. 
The flesh is really small. So you have to be patient, take the flesh out one by one. Therefore some people don't like to eat them but I enjoy it so much!I feel so satisfy every ti…