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The Best Home Made Pizza in Penang

Delicious Meatless Homemade Pizza and Salad

Seriously this guy made really good pizza and salad. Really. I would say the best homemade pizza in Penang, much better than those in the restaurant.

Thanks Molly for inviting me over your place and it's such a pleasure to enjoy your hubby's super good homemade pizza and your homemade watermelon mints cocktail. And of course, a little talk with everyone.

Pesto pizza with green capsicum, white onion. beech/shimeji mushroom and parmesan cheese. Stephen made a very good pesto with basil, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper even without using any nuts. Ohh, my last making pesto was a year ago. I should start picking up the skills again!

From base to paste, all are homemade. I like the way Stephen makes pizza, a little touch of everything into perfection. It tastes so natural or I should say oh... it tastes organic! Many times when we bought pizza from Domino, Pizza Huts or any restaurant, the base of pizza are always too thick, too thin o…