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Angled Luffa with Egg Recipe 丝瓜炒蛋

Angled Luffa with Egg A simple healthy meal with fibre and protein. 

The sauce/soup is very clear, light and a little bit of sweetness from the luffa. Luffa is soft to bite and all the essence is concentrated in the soup. It is very suitable to serve in summertime. I love this so much. I can have rice to go with only this. I will have my rice covered with luffa with plenty of sauce. Okay, maybe I can call it soup because I drink the sauce like soup. I heard from my friend, his mom cooks this as soup which means they put more water. Feel safe to drink the sauce as it is not salty like other stir fry vegetable with thicken sauce. That's why I said the sauce texture is more like soup.

I should put another half cup of water, a bit dry. Not enough soup for me!

Story of luffa:
My mom told me when she was a kid and my grandparents were very poor, they used dry luffa as a scrubbing sponge in the kitchen to wash the dishes. Interesting right? Luffa is a very fibrous vegetable. People only eat the young luffa before it becomes old because old luffa will dry out and left with fibre. I remembered few years back I didn't know how to pick the young luffa and I bought the old one. The older one is lighter, not that firmed, harder to cut and it is harder to chew and swallow as it is too fibrous. The seeds will be hard too. Whereas the young one is soft and chewy and the seeds are edible when cooked.

That is the angled luffa. It was huge so I cut it into half and peeled the skin with peeler.


300g angled luffa
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 egg
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp oil
1 to 2 cups water


1. Peel the luffa. Cut into 1cm thick and again cut into half.
2. Heat the oil. Add in garlic and stir until aromatic.
3. Add in luffa and stir for 15 seconds. 
4. Add 1 cup of water and cover with lid until boiled, approximately 2 minutes. ( The water level should just cover the luffa, a little bit more is okay).
5. Take off the lid. Add the egg and soy sauce. The dish is ready when the egg is cooked and the luffa is soft.

1. How to choose the young luffa in the market? No matter what sizes, choose the one that you can feel the weight when put on the hand. * a) It has weight. b) It is firmed to touch or squeezed. *Do not buy the light one. 
2. Add a little more water if it is dry or you prefer it soupy.
3. When the egg is added, spread it around and let it sit. Do not stir it because we do not want the cloudy soup. We want a clear soup.


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