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Vietnamese Spring Roll DIY 越南春卷

I look Ugly but I am Yummy - Healthy Eating : A very refreshing food for a hot day with lots of herbs and low in fat.

This was my first time making Vietnamese roll after 3 years. I used to help my sister to prepare this at home and I remember I rolled it quite nice. Now you can see I really need to pick up the skill. Since it was a long time ago, I took some times to recall back how to make it.

My memory of Vietnamese roll was it wrapped with a lot and different kinds of herbs, beans sprout, carrot, cucumber, lettuce, rice noodles, prawn, pork belly and nan guoc sauce. Oh wait! Do we really need so many ingredients? I was short of ingredients. No worry, just do it with what you have! As long as you have rice paper, rice noodles and herbs, you can make it!

I can't find Vietnamese rice noodles. So, I use Malaysia/Thailand made vermicelli. Anybody knows where can I get Vietnamese rice noodles in Penang? Vietnamese rice noodle is a little bit thicker and sticky whereas the local vermicelli is more brittle and solid. You can see from picture the vermicelli was all broken. I was thinking to use laksa rice noodle because its texture is nearer to Vietnamese rice noodles. However, it is a bit thick.

I only had peppermints and Thai basils from pot garden. I remember my sister will add laksa leaves and garlic chives too. When I ate-out in Melbourne, some restaurants added coriander leaves. So, any of your favourites herb's leaves will do and herbs are good for your body too! 

Serving size: 10-12 rolls

1/2 set of vermicelli ( there is usually 3 sets of noodle in a pack)
200g pork belly ( I use the lean meat because I don't have pork belly )
1 carrot, shredded
1 small bunch peppermints
1 small bunch Thai basils
Vietnamese rice paper


1. Boil the vermicelli and pork belly until cooked. Add 2 teaspoons of salt when you boil the noodle. Rinse noodle with cold water after cooked. Thin sliced the pork.
2. Prepare a bowl of warm water. Slip the rice paper into the water and take it out quickly put on the flat surface. 
3. Put leaves on top of the rice paper followed by noodles, carrot and pork slices. Roll them up and done.

- The rice paper I bought turned soft very quick and sticky. So I had to do it really quick. 
- Also, don't put too much of stuff in a roll because they may hole and breaking apart. 

- Pickled Carrot : Wanted to flavour the carrot last minutes. So I put 1 teaspoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of vinegar to marinate the carrot. Slightly rinsed the carrot before using it. 


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